For your seawall needs, Beer & Slabaugh has the experience to install steel and vinyl seawalls to meet your sea wall needs.



Vinyl Seawall with Wood Cap



Steel Seawall with Steel Cap




Barge Installation

Beer & Slabaugh also has the capabilities to build and complete your seawall from land or from water.  With the use of our floating barge in areas where it is difficult to reach or get access to the waters edge from land.


                        fox2010_004.jpg                                            IMG_5753.JPG


Exclusive Galvanized Cantilever  Piers

WIth our cantilever piers, they are securely mounted and anchored to the shore. So there is no need to remove pier in the winter.




Galvanized Cantilever Piers



Galvanized Cantilever Piers

with wood Decking